About The Cellar Whether this is your first time to visit us or you are a returning guest--it is a pleasure to have you here today.  We will strive to make your visit a memorable one. If it is one thing that we are passionate about, it is our desire to make certain that dining withus is a memory. Not just a time to eat and relax, but truly a time that you will remember. Perhaps you are here to celebrate, perhaps you are here to conduct a dinner meeting--whatever the reason it is our desire and goal to make sure that you are well taken care of!  We are very proud of the food that we serve and building that pride takes time! Everything ismade from scratch in our kitchen, by hand! We do not serve our guests on a rushed 'franchise' schedule in order to turn tables and get more peoplethrough the doors. We do everything we can to be on your schedule while allowing for the creation of your dinner.   So, please, sit back, relax and allow us to take care of you this evening!